Vol. 75 No. 4 (2020):
Special section

Innovations for the multifunctional enhancement of mountain pastures

Biagio Piccardi
ERSAF, Lombardia
Enrico Calvo
ERSAF, Lombardia
Italo Buzzetti
ERSAF, Lombardia

Published 2020-09-21


  • mountain pasture,
  • multi-functionality,
  • pasture contracts,
  • ERSAF,
  • Lombardy Region


In the mountains of Lombardy, the practice of mountain pastures is an activity increasingly in crisis, even if it continues to be necessary and essential for the management of the territory and the social, cultural and economic promotion of mountain areas. A multifunctional approach to the management of mountain pastures is instead a suitable way to give value to the different natural, human, productive and cultural components which make up alpine activity. The article proposes a series of innovative initiatives to enhance, strengthen and support the activities of mountain farmers with particular attention to multi-functional aspects such as landscape conservation, typical productions, recreational and cultural services.